Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was on my back to Denton from Dallas tonight, after spending the day there, turning things in to be a lifeguard and earn some kind of money this summer, and just because it was me, some kind of event had to be ending right when I got back. So as people flooded out of the arena, they of course needed to cross the street to get to their cars

This presented something of a problem to me as I had to in fact get down that very same street. Well as all know people enjoy traveling in packs. Very large packs at times. So I sat there for close to 3 minutes before the smallest opening appeared and I ran over about 5 people to get by. It was the only way.

Seriously though, there is a point while sitting there where you think to yourself, "You know, I am in a 2000lbs vehicle and they are only flesh and bone, I think I can win this battle..."

Man did invent the cross-walk to protect the pedestrian though, its a safe zone. Like "Hey I'm in this, you aren't supposed to run me over." That only goes so far, people need to respect the cars out of fear though. Those stripes of paint don't magically grant them invincibility. When you are inside there you can't just go "Hey man don't worry, I got this" and step in front of the car and watch it smash to little pieces.

So I guess what everyone should take from this is that Newton invented physics so that right as he was about to plow some pedestrians over in his SUV, he didn't magically pass through them or something.