Saturday, June 13, 2009


No words are necessary.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Don't Begin to Comprehend...

How the hell do the Detroit Red Wings have the most incredible luck of any team ever? This is a team that I imagine in their off time runs around burning down orphanages, stealing candy from babies and like pushing little kids down. That's just for starters too, like a pre-doin' stuff for the day workout. The rest of the day consists of maiming the innocent and eating people's souls.

Somehow this team is only one win away from yet another Stanley Cup. How does this happen? The only explanation I can come up with is a team wide deal with the devil. Otherwise how would Chris "Where the hell is the puck" Osgood do so well magically come playoff time? He certainly has no clue as he is still looking for that first shot on goal of the playoffs.

Pavel Datsucks...well he still only has like four points. I guess his deal ran out. That doesn't stop every commentator from having a boner for him though. Every series will be his breakout series. And they repeatedly show the play where he flipped the puck over Annaheim's goal. Why? Why do they show that? It wasn't a good play at all. Any eight year old can flip the puck over the goal. But they don't. You know why? Because it's a terrible play that just leads to a turnover. Good job.

I was going to go through more players, but now I've gotten all worked up about the commentating. During the interview process for National NHL broadcasters, is one of the questions, "Do you have an irrational undying love for the Red Wings?" To which the correct response is, "Yes." It sure seems that way. I come away after five minutes of watching with a serious headache, reaching for the bottle of ibuprofen.

Then there is the officiating, oh my God the officiating. There must be two NHL rule books in existence. The NHL Rule Book as it applies to 29 teams. Then the NHL Rule Guidelines as they apply to Detroit. No actual rules really apply to them, only if you really feel like you have to make the call. Either that or the NHL hires refs who don't actually know the rules. Players who aren't the goalie can't cover the puck in the crease, who knew? I mean, it only happened two games in a row and caused an uproar. No big deal though, NHL. Don't issue a statment on that.

What you should issue a statment on is rescinding Malkin's undeserved suspension. Yeah, he totally just instigated that fight, during a huge scrum. That doesn't happen every game.


Game 6 tonight, you should probably go ahead and forget to tune in..

On a different note, three days and already a new upate! Holy craps!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Filler Update!

Oh's been awhile. Once again, it's no wonder people stop checking up on this. I seem to forget to update or some such. So, I still don't have much in the way of a topic, but I desperately do need to update, so it does not appear as if I've completely abandoned this place. Au contraire, mes amis. I check up on it every once in awhile, when I think I have an idea only to find it doesn't have a lot of substance or is just lamestown.

Anywho. This has to do with this specific blog. Why the hell would someone think it's cool to come on here and post a comment anonymously, slamming me? What is to be accomplished there? I mean, if it's constructive or if you have a counterpoint, it's one thing, but to just straight up insult me is stupid. Then to not even have the courtesy to sign the comment or own up to it.

For one, I moderate comments here. Blogspot sends me an email letting me know that someone wishes to comment. So I get to preview all of them before they are actually published. Am I going to publish a comment that only amounts to an insult? No.

Again, please sign your comments in some way shape or form. That is at least readily recognizable to me. Not some vague reference to something that happened once, I'm sorry but I sometimes sleep and other events occur. I forget stuff. So far all the comments that are up, I've been able to recognize who it was, so good job on that.

I take that back, with the exception of the person that called me 'Zombie boy.' Those comments still got published, because they were cool, but I have no idea who you are. So if you'd like to claim such comments, have fun. (Although you probably won't read this, so, eh. Whatever works).

I mean, seriously. You imediately have the ability to know who I am, and it's supremely frustrating when I can't figure out who is wanting to comment on a post of mine. Unless you are really someone I don't know. In that case, welcome to my blog! I have no idea how you found it or why you find it interesting since I'm not forcing you to read it at gun point! Enjoy your stay!

Anywho...this all leads to a bigger problem. The great fad of anonymous (mean) commenting on the internet. It happens all over the place. It also really needs to stop. People need to be given some kind of permanent name or tag online, so we can pick these bastards off or something. I try not to let such comments get to me, but it's really frustrating when it finally penetrates your own blog. I'm sure that'll lead to at least one or two attack comments happening at random, or from people I know trying to be funny.

SPOILER ALERT: You aren't funny.

Yeah, updated!