Friday, April 4, 2008

Hockey games and...socialites?

So tonight I had the honor of seeing the Stars lose a horrendous game to the Phoenix Coyotes 4-2. The interesting part was that I sat in Section 117, on row F. Normally I'm in section 323 or some kind of nonsense. The point being that instead of the players appearing to be ants, I could see their freakin facial expressions.

So that was fairly cool, I got a bunch of pictures from the warmups and a few from the game, but I didn't get on here to update to talk about that. I'm here updating to ask this: when the hell did it become the socialite thing to do to attend a hockey game? I was at the game, enjoying myself a bit at least, but there were these four girls sitting in front of me that annoyed the hell out of me with their mindless chatter. It was like a hockey game broke out in the middle of their conversation or something.

How do people like this get tickets and a bigger question is why? I didn't see them pay attention once, all they did was talk fairly loudly and look stupid with their orange skin. Another thing, why do girls think that looks good? I don't think there is a single guy that says, "Oh man that girl has a fake tan, I'm all over that!" No, wrong. Its gross and looks bad. You don't look like you are from California (who the hell wants to be from California anyways?), you just look like an idiot with a fake tan. Which I can then infer you probably have some kind of fake personality and a fake laugh. You aren't a real person and you have no soul.

I had a lot more things I wanted to say about this, but I'm fairly lazy.

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Kelsey Schneider said...

That's totally awesome that you got to sit so close! I'm sure that you were pretty dang pumped. Too bad about those girls, man. Haha - I can just see you sitting there being like, "OMG, shut up!" Seriously though - why would girls like that be at a hockey game in the first place? Hmm, I dunno, maybe to be around all of those amazingly good-looking men like yourself! Yeah, I bet that's it. They were there because they heard that guys like you hung out there. And it's good to know your opinion on the "orange tan". Now I know to get rid of my oh-so-orange skin color.