Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election

I originally didn't plan on writing about the election at all. Plenty of other people were doing that anyways, and I figured it didn't need one more un-read blog to be talking about it. I attribute this post to facebook and the enormous headache it has given me over the past two days.

Republicans are probably the most sore losers I've ever seen. You lost, get over it. I'm so sick of seeing "is praying for this nation" and talking about secession? Are you serious? For the whole praying thing, you act like a liberal can't be religious. They are all godless freaks! Blargh! Idiots...get off your damn high horse for one second and be logical you bigots.

I happen to be Catholic and lean more towards the liberal side of things, so basically you're saying because Obama got elected this nation is damned to hell? Did you stop to think for a second that just maybe God wanted Obama to get elected. Conservative doesn't equal religious.

This all just goes in hand with my belief that people need to start picking their own beliefs instead of just voting based on party. Just because you are a christian, it doesn't automatically mean you should vote republican.

How would all you silly jerkoffs feel if I started running around screaming about how your protestant religions are wrong and you should immediately convert the Catholicism or be damned to hell? You would think I'd lost my mind and I was an intolerant dick.

Yeah, look in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

People are ridiculously dumb and make me angry. Oops, I guess that makes me a misanthrope.

Sam said...

I'm guessing that was something of sarcasm poking fun at me?