Sunday, May 18, 2008


So EA has decided to have DRM on both Spore and Mass Effect. I could care less about Mass Effect but I plan on purchasing Spore. And really, I could still care less. Oh no they want to verify it when I install the game?!?! Outrageous!

I see people all over the internet just absolutely losing their shit over this. If you bought the game and have an internet connection (if you don't you probably really don't play PC games) this shouldn't be a problem. Just verify after install then go and play. Oh no?

Getting angry about this is like saying you're mad a store beefs up security after people keep shop lifting it. For some reason since its the gaming industry and it affects gamers (the whiniest people ever) its the worst thing that has happened in the history of the earth. The Holocaust? Mere spilt milk in comparison. If this ruins the game for you, you obviously didn't care for it that much in the first place.

Out of all of this I have really come to the conclusion that the people whining about this aren't the people that were going to buy Spore in the first place. Its the people that want to pirate it but still wanted to download content for it (oh yeah it verifies anytime you download content as well). Pony up the $50 and buy the game. Or hey wait a year and pay like $20.

Another thing is we should be angry at the people pirating the games for all this, not the companies for adding more security measures.

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