Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twilight: Awful?

What is with people's obsession with this series? I don't understand it. When did this goth kid nonsense become super popular? This is the kind of stuff those social reject kids write in their spare time in their pitch dark rooms as they type a blog about how much their life sucks and all the new cuts on their arms.

Now you may be wondering "Well then why did you read them?" I didn't! Screw that! I don't do research before making up incredibly biased opinions. I just take what I've heard and read off the back of the book. I mean, how can one read such meaningless drivel, ever? One would have to be incredibly bored and/or stranded on an island with only copies of these awful books. Then again, I would think you might want to do something more useful with them like burn them for warmth and cooking.

I have nothing against this culture of vampire loving freaks (yes I do) but when did it become mainstream? I guess after Harry Potter, anyone who could write more than a few paragraphs and knew someone that worked for a publisher decided they could write a book. Somehow this particular idiot hit the jackpot. Some idiot read the book, then told their friend about who told their friend about it. You know what, I don't think anyone has read these books at all. They all just bought copies because its the cool thing right now. Jerks.


Supernova Girl said...

I found your post by Googling 'Twilight' and awful. I just attended the NYC Twilight Pre-Release party. It was a favor for a friend (I made her camp outside for a sample sale last month)

It was hilarious; a scene out of SNL. (Imagine a hoard of fat goth kids dressed up like vampires) I was 'trippin over the 'shelves. Granted, I was 'souped up the entire 5 hours.

I'm no literature elitist. Hell, my favorite genre is 'Paperback Trash'. However, I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend how these crazy vampire Anne Rice epic fanfics can be popular.

I mean, If I had the desire to write a vampire/romance/Mormon bible/adventure story (which, thank you God, I do not) I could, in all honesty, write a better book. Like, Pulitzer worthy vampire...isms? Actually, anyone could complete such a task, like a haiku for jaded youth.

The ice-caps are melting, the sky is falling, and more people care about a vampire book. Hn, no wonder Europeans hate us.

PS: Ooh, can our blogs be affiliates?

Anonymous said...

O.K. I sell books at one of those big books chains. I was their when the Breaking Dawn book was released. I have been their from the beginning of this Twilight craze. I don't usually read romance, especially teen romance. But I was practically forced to read it by a co-worker of mine. (an adult woman, no less) So, this has got to be one of the worst books, I have had the unfortunate displeasure, to attempt to read. It was so bad that I Had to force myself finish it. I decided to force myself to read it because of the awful way in which it depicts teenage love. When I talk about how bad it is I wanted to have my facts straight. Edward is basically a stalker and Bella is a co-dependent loser. S Meyer does a great job of playing into every ridiculous romantic stereotype possible. What does it say about teenage girls and those adult woman who find these book even remotely entertaining? Feminism is the reason why we had a woman attempting to become the president of the United States. And teenage girls all want to be Bella Swan? Someone please help me understand where the feminist movement went wrong. A novel written with a female character that has depth and strength would just not go over very well, would it? How awesome would the series have been if the female and male characters actually had something interesting to say and do? Thanks for letting me rant.