Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reviewers: A Review

Oh the critic, the reviewer, whatever you want to call them. They have the best job on the entire planet Earth. I cannot even fathom having a better job than getting to critique the work of someone else. I mean, I do that anyways but I don't get paid. These people get paid for their opinions. What the hell?! Why isn't anyone paying me for my all important opinion? Oh right, I'm not important.

Here is the problem I have with all this, these people that are critics seem to be the people that couldn't make it in their chosen field. They wander aimlessly muttering bitterly about how they almost made it, then someone got the bright idea that they should talk shit about the people who did make it in said profession. They created a rating system of sorts and somehow an entire new profession was created.

Why does everyone listen to these people? "I heard such and such jackass gave this movie 0 stars." Who cares? How do you know his tastes line up with yours anyways? How is he able to make money off of movies when he isn't involved in any way shape or form in making them. All he does is complain about them because he wasn't good enough.

So basically the reviewer is given a free item (be it a game, meal, or movie) and they judge it. Then get paid. They are given free things then paid way too much money for an opinion.

I need that job.

Oh yeah, this is a review...

Reviewers: 0 out of 5 Stars.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, right? Usually, I find critics love movies I think are terrible and hate plenty of good pieces of cinematography. Would be a mega-sweet job though....


Kelsey Schneider said...

haha - beautiful