Friday, March 6, 2009

Drinking Problem

Woo, I'm three days short of going an entire two months without a real update. I won though. I won.

No, not the kind in Airplane. You fool. Although, if that's the first thing you thought about, immediately add twelve points to your overall score. You're moving up in life! I mean alcoholic drinks actually, and why people drink them.

Now, I do understand people want to go to a party and have a good time, that's fine. Every once in awhile, on the weekends, not for me, but cool if you want to. Also, if you're feeling like crap about something, not the best thing to drown your sorrows in, but whatever floats your boat. The people who have a problem are the people who seem to drink every single day, and every time they go out. If they are not drinking, they seem to be uncomfortable.

These people are annoying and if you encounter them, you may find yourself reaching for the nearest blunt object so that you can beat the stupid out of your head as soon as possible. Or lower your intelligence level so it does not give you a headache to listen to these people ramble on and on about, "lyke OMG! last night was amazing, lololol." I need to take a shower now...

These people have no personality as far as I can tell. The only thing I can figure is they either see alcohol as a personality substitute or they are just that immature. Neither is better or worse than the other. But I have to say, listening to someone talk about they got drunk on a Wednesday night makes me confused and angry.

You might be thinking, "but Sam, they can live their lives how they want." Sure they can, it just does not annoy me any less and won't let me stop from ranting on the almighty internet. Where my opinions are both valid and somewhat anonymous.

Yeah! Take that drunken idiots who won't ever read this! Take that!


Anonymous said...

well...those people who find it impossible to go out without drinking either have a drinking problem, or emotional problem, or whatever problem. OR they just think they are cool, which means they are the dumb ones talking about it the next day being like omg lolololol. haha. But alcohol has a purpose and there is a reason it is very popular. (not because of things that happened to you...thats for sure lol)=] [jess]

Kelsey Schneider said...

"lyke OMG! last night was amazing, lololol." I need to take a shower now...

Sam, you are missed greatly. Happy Birthday to you.

Anonymous said...

i know exactly how you feel. "lyke OMG..." <-- that is so sorority girl voice haha. i also love it when im waiting for the light to change so i can cross the street and these four girls next to me are trying to remember the words to "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins. yeah... its scary business. like woah. pahahahahahahahahahaha
~Anonymous (just for you buddy) ;)
Boomer Sooner

Anonymous said...

I kinda wish I'd been drinking as I read this, but I guess I'm just contrary.