Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FML: My Thoughts

So, I'm now going to write about my opinion on this new internet craze, and I'm going to assume you find them valid and possibly correct since you are reading my blog. Which is incredibly awesome and should be linked and/or shown to everyone you know. Friends, family, pets, random people on the street. Maybe go downtown in whatever city you live in and let a hobo read it on your computer if it's a laptop. They don't have the internet or a computer, and I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Here is a simple diagram of how awesome my blog will be to hobos.

My blog > Food, booze and crack. Combined.

FML is irritating. It isn't funny, or cute or enjoyable at all. There are reasons for all these, but don't we have friends for things like this? So we can share our problems with them? That site isn't even like a blog, where people can share thoughts, it's just a place where people can do one of two things. Either complain about about something or make something up in an effort to try and be funny.

Hey, I can do that too. "Today, a bird crapped on my head, I got my leg cut off, then got herps from having sex with a girl I just met. FML." OMG LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Either that or, I can try and get sympathy by elaborating on how none of those things were my fault at all. Lamestown.

You know who can't help you figure out why you're a whore/manwhore and talk you through getting the herps and sypholis from having unprotected sex with three different guys in one night? Random internet people, that's who can't help you. You know who can? Your friends. Or probably if you're that deep, a psychologist.

I understand it was originally meant to be a site for funny little anecdotes. It isn't funny though, it's annoying and a plague upon society. Are we all that introverted and sad that we get our kicks from random person 1000 miles' away bad day or laugh at a weak attempt at humor when someone makes up a fake bad thing happening?

I really hope not.


Anonymous said...

you misspelled syphilis

With love,

Boomer Sooner

Anonymous said...

and also...

Today, I found out that my boyfriend has the exact symptoms of mono. FML


Boomer Sooner

Anonymous said...

Schadenfreude ftw.